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Businesses choose their outside partners carefully. Accountants, attorneys, bankers... all are chosen with credibility, quality services and expertise in mind. Staff Management professionals expect that those same criteria are considered when choosing us. We are proud of our professional staff and the attention to detail they convey while working with different organizations.

Staff Management, Inc. stands ready to assist our clients in a variety of ways, to meet the unique needs of individual businesses.

Staff Management’s co-employment (PEO) option is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way for a company to manage its HR department. By working with Staff Management, Inc. in a co-employment arrangement, you reduce the risks and cost of having employees. You receive much-needed relief from the day-to-day responsibilities of HR: time-consuming HR administration, payroll, benefits, and risk management issues are now cared for by knowledgeable professionals. You now have the local, face-to-face service you deserve! We work closely with you to ensure that our program is congruent with the company’s goals and objectives and provides compliance, structure and appropriate communication.

One simple way to engage Staff Management, Inc. is to start with an HR Practice Audit & Risk Assessment which can highlight and define areas that may need some specific attention. You can then determine what actions, if any, you would like to take to meet “best practices” criteria, providing you with peace of mind and effective processes. Other projects may include a specific policy, handbook, procedure, and an employee survey or employee benefit communication. Our HR Department stands ready to meet your specific needs!

Short-Term Consulting
Companies sometimes find that they need additional help in Human Resources to supplement or complement their in-house team, or to complete or facilitate a project. We provide an HR professional who will help identify your needs and work with you to complete the project in an effective manner. Additionally, you have the depth and breadth, and expertise of the Staff Management team available as a resource.

Long-Term Consulting
It is often an effective business solution to have Staff Management, Inc. to work on an ongoing basis to help bring HR practices into compliance and be more effective. By having a dedicated Staff Management, Inc. professional on site or available when needed, your organization can meet its HR goals.

On-Site Management
Staff Management, Inc. is ready and able to manage the entire HR function for your organization. With On-Site Management, we provide staff at your location to assist in all areas of Human Resources. Staff Management professionals are often involved with strategic goals of the organization. As your company’s HR Department, our professional staff will work directly with owners and communicate with employees as appropriate. All HR administrative duties will be completed in a compliant manner, keeping best practices in mind.

Part-time HR services or multi-employee departments are provided as requested.

Innovations in Human Resource Management.

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