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Human Resource Administration
Our professional staff works with clients to ensure that their HR needs are being met. Routine administrative functions can be handled entirely by Staff Management, Inc., relieving you of time spent on research, training of staff and procedures. Compliance is assured, giving you peace of mind so you can effectively focus on more important aspects of your business.

Payroll Processing & Administration
Payroll processing and administration can be easily outsourced to Staff Management. Proper pay and tax reporting is completed by us. This complex and time-consuming function can be handed over to Staff Management, providing assurance of timely reporting and compliance and saving you the time and energy that could be put to better use elsewhere. Additionally, our robust payroll system allows for many reports that are valuable to our clients as they manage their staff. We provide insight on valuable reports and assist clients in determining best practices.

Benefit Administration
Benefit Administration is now more complex and time consuming than ever! Staff Management, Inc. stands ready to help guide you through the maze of new rules and regulations. Our professional staff provides benefit administrative services including benefit best practices, required employee communication, COBRA, labor intensive benefit paperwork and other related and required functions.

Compliance/Risk Management
Compliance and risk management is an area that can quickly put a business at risk, resulting in time-consuming efforts and take away from desired profits. Our professional staff have worked successfully with clients in this area for over 30 years. Continuous and multiple changes in regulations applying to employers can create costly traps for businesses.  We understand the risks of Unemployment Compensation, Worker’s Compensation, and even unforeseen complaints by employees or others. We believe in proactively putting best practice procedures in place to help avoid any surprises, and by assisting with communication through handbooks, posters, or training to reduce unfavorable occurrences.

Organizational Development 
Strategic Planning is important for the success of any Business. It is critical that a company’s greatest assets, their employees, are aligned and focused on the Mission, Vision and Goals of the Company. Additionally making sure your investment in your employees is maximized which requires staff training, coaching and basic education on proper business practices. Having the best employees on staff and then having them be productive and engaged is an ideal goal of any business. To assure success, HR Policies and Procedures ideally must be identified and practiced. By working with Staff Management, Inc.’s professional staff, you will have the necessary resources available to best utilize your most important asset.

With years of experience, Staff Management, Inc. works with clients to help them achieve their goals and objectives by identifying and providing valuable insights, assistance and guidance in Human Resources Best Practices and how these Best Practices can be implemented to promote your Company’s Mission, Vision and Goals. We assist in evaluating and aligning your HR initiatives with your business strategies and our services and training are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients and their employees.

Innovations in Human Resource Management.

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