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Compliance & Risk Management


Compliance is an area that can quickly put a business at risk, resulting in time-consuming efforts and take away from desired profits. Continuous and multiple changes in regulations applying to employers can create costly traps for businesses.  We understand the risks of Unemployment Compensation, Workers' Compensation, and even unforeseen complaints by employees or others. We believe in proactively putting best practice procedures in place to help avoid any surprises, and by assisting with communication through handbooks, posters, or training to reduce unfavorable occurrences. Let us keep you compliant. 

  • Workers' Compensation & Plan Administration

  • Unemployment Comp. Claim Management

  • Federal & State Legal Compliance (FLSA, ADA, EEOC, HIPPA, OSHA etc.)

  • Affirmative Action Plan Administration

  • Employee Record Retention

  • Notices & Postings 

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