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I'm a small business. Isn't this going to cost me a lot of money?

No. Most businesses find that having a PEO saves them money. Because of the large numbers of employees a PEO co-employs, your PEO may be able to offer you benefits that only large companies can generally afford. Your PEO also will assume tasks that have been your responsibility in the past, freeing you up to do other things.


Will my employees still work for me?

Yes. Technically, your employees will be co-employed by you and your PEO. You will continue to make all the day-to-day operations decisions and your employees will continue doing to the job they've always done. Your PEO will simply handle all of your Human Resources responsibilities, healthcare benefits, retirement savings plans and compliance requirements. Because your PEO will handle payroll, your employees' checks will have the PEO's name and logo on the front.


How do I know if a PEO is right for my company?

Begin by looking at your company's specific needs. Do you just need someone to handle your payroll? What about benefits? Workers' Compensation? Do you have a labor attorney on staff; do you have access to one? Talk to a few PEOs in your area to determine if they can meet your needs. Check out their references; maybe they have other clients in the same industry with similar needs. Interview the PEOs to determine what's best for you.


Why do I need a PEO?

Some of the benefits of using Staff Management, Inc.: 

  • Increased productivity due to the ability to focus on core bottom-line business issues.

  • Making your business more attractive to potential employees by providing excellent benefits.

  • Decreased employee turnover.

  • Reduced exposure to litigation from improper hiring or termination practices

  • Improved job matching of qualified prospects.

  • Most of all we save time so employees and owners can focus on growing their businesses and not on employee data management, paperwork, and legal compliance issues. 

Ask Your Own Questions

Reach out and know more about how we can help your company.

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